Essay Writing At School Vs Essay Writing In College- What’s The Difference?

Some young people that finish high school with strait A for essay writing face real challenges when it comes to writing the same in college. That’s because college writing is different from high school writing. But, don’t panic because at, we highlight the differences for you. We make these differences clear to help you remain the best essay writer in college. Here are some of the differences that you must know to improve your college writing and maintain your high grades.

  • College essays structure
  • High school teachers may have taught you to always construct five paragraphs in your writing. However, this format is strongly discouraged in college. Instead, college students are encouraged to break out from this limit. This rigid structure requires an introduction, three supporting points and a conclusion. However, this strategy is not practical for most college assignments. Therefore, as a college student, you should explore and use alternative strategies to come up with amazing papers.

  • Clear-cut thesis
  • As a high school student, you could easily get away with a cookie-cutter thesis. For instance, an essay assignment may have required you to express creationism view. In that case, you may have simply started with something like “my creationism view is…” In college, this changes dramatically. That’s because college questions are way less obvious. College teachers and professors expect you to develop a pointed, interesting thesis question and answer it in your writing. Basically, you must come up with a clear, interesting thesis. No college professor will waste time on a boring essay. When you write essay for a college professor, make sure that your claim catches the attention and interest of the reader.

  • Evidence
  • As a high school student, you could easily score a good grade by expressing your opinions or experiences in a paper. This is not acceptable with college writing. College professors are not interested in your past experiences or personal beliefs. They expect you to include clear-cut, hard evidence that supports your stated thesis fully. This includes scientific research data, credible sources’ quotes, and academic journals’ information. That means you must provide crucial evidence from reliable, scholarly sources when writing a college essay. Basically, college writing requires you to literally state a clear point and prove it in a highly educated and unbiased manner.

  • Format
  • Unlike high school writing, college writing must adhere to the format of a specified writing style. In most cases, college professors expect students to come up with double-spaced, typed papers with a standard margin. However, this varies among professors. Usually, college writing uses 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman. Therefore, expect college professors to talk about writing styles that you may not have heard from your high school teachers.

  • Weaknesses
  • Perhaps, this is the major difference between high school and college writing. In high school, you most likely got away with simply proving your main points and ignoring others. As a college essay writer, you are expected to address possible holes in your argument or thesis support. Attempts to ignore or cover them up will make your essay less intelligent. Thus, you must paint an entire picture rather than provide a small snippet.

These are the major differences between high school and college writing. If they make writing your essay difficult, get help from experienced essay writers.

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