Top Online Tools to Check Your Essay Writing

Writing error-free essays is not easy even if English is your first language. Fortunately, there are free essay writing tools that you can use to check your essays for errors. At we share top 5 online tools that you can use to check your essays for errors to ensure that you always submit flawless essays.

  • This is an essay help service for students at different academic levels. It offers different types of assistance to students when it comes to academic writing. For instance, if unsure whether your write-up is flawless, you can get in touch with Writing Geek to have an expert edit, proofread and format it for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a high school, college or university paper. You will have it checked for errors by highly qualified and experienced editors. Writing Geek has become a popular tool for writers due to its responsiveness and professionalism.

  • Grammarly
  • This is one of the most popular online writing tools for writers. That’s because it has features that enable writers to come up with flawless essays. It is a very useful tool for proofreading, grammar checking and plagiarism detection. It checks any piece of writing for grammar and punctuation mistakes like coma splice and apostrophe. It also comes with features like vocabulary enhancement. It’s an online tool that can be used from any location while writing. Once you install it in your web browser, it will keep checking errors in your writing and showing you the correct way of writing sentences. It’s a free tool but you may upgrade to a premium account that comes with add-on features.

  • PolishMyWriting
  • This is another tool that enables you to easily check essay for errors. You simply copy your essay and paste it in a window or box. The tool highlights all errors in the write-up using three different colors. Red color highlights spelling mistakes in the essay while blue color highlights the provided writing suggests. The tool highlights grammatical mistakes with green color. Thus, in addition to highlighting grammatical and spelling mistakes, the tool provides suggestions for passive and active writing.

  • This is a free grammar checker that enables you to spell check your written work. With this tool, you just type essay on a Word Document then cut and paste it into a grammar checker and spell checker. The tool will help you fix English grammar and English spelling mistakes. Even when you don’t know how to spell a word that you want to use in a paper, you can use this tool. It provides spell check in 24 different languages. It also has a free thesaurus.

  • Online Correction is simply a spelling and grammar correction tool. It is meant for writers that want a simple tool for checking spelling and grammar mistakes in their work. This tool does not have heavy graphics and many options that characterize some websites. It has a simple text box or text editor where you input an essay and have the errors marked. Thus, you write essay first, then use this tool. It uses red color to mark spelling errors and green color to mark grammar and diction suggestions. Generally, Online Correction is a great tool that enables you to discover grammatical, diction, factual and stylistic errors in your writing.

There are many online tools that you can use to check your writing for grammar, spelling and diction errors. These tools are gaining increasing popularity over traditional means of checking essays for errors like using a dictionary. That’s because the modern essay writer uses electronic devices that are connected to the internet for most writing assignments.

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